5 home features you should look for in a cold region

Homes are often built according to the climate of the region. Your home should be comfortable to live in. That’s why homes in different climatic regions have some special features to make the living comfortable for you. If you are living in a cold climate then here are some of the features you should look for before buying or renting a house.

Gable-designed roof

You should look for houses with a gable-designed roof. These are roofs with two sloping sides. The specialty of this roof is that the snow doesn’t get accumulated on the roof; it slides down easily. So, no pressure is created on the structure of the house due to snow accumulation. You can choose metal roof or asphalt shingles as they are durable.


Staircase with railings

If there is any staircase in the house then there must be railings. Staircases may become slippery due to snowfall. Railings will protect you from falling accidentally.

Airtight windows

The windows that are installed must be airtight so that no heat escapes. You will be shocked to know that you get 25% more energy bill every month due to heat escaping through the windows. So, you should make sure that your windows are airtight.

Snow-melting system in paths

The paths that you use frequently to get inside your house must have a snow-melting system. This will save your money and time. You won’t need to shovel anymore to get rid of the snow piling up in front of your home.

Covered entrance

The space near the front door of your house must be covered. This will protect your guests from the cold weather. They will be able to stand in a covered place waiting for you to open the door.

These features are very important if you live in a region with cold climate. Heavy snow can hamper your daily life but these features will make your home cozy and comfortable even during a very bad weather.